Pies and Prenuptials

It’s that time of year again when we’re asked by Hallmark to love our partners just a little bit more than any other day of the year – Valentine’s Day.  There’s a lot of scepticism around this date in the diary as people ask ‘why do we need just one day to prove our love for someone?’ I agree with this sentiment but I do believe that the holder of this belief is thinking more about their wallet than their partner.

Having said that I am a Valentine’s Day fan. We all lead busy lives and whilst we should exhibit our love on a daily basis I think that if we pause from the chaos that life can bring and enjoy some good food with the person we love then that’s a good thing. Mrs Munkee and I don’t buy into the commercialism of Valentine’s Day but we always take the opportunity for a nice meal and exchange cards and gifts.

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone soft…this is still a foodie blog but I’ve foraged the internet for any interesting, food-based love stories. I have chosen to avoid the traditional trap of creating a long list of food aphrodisiacs but instead found something a little different…

This story hails from sunny Accrington in deepest Lancashire, England. The opening line of the report from the Accrington Observer tells you pretty much everything you need to know: ‘guests chomped their way through hundreds of pies at the wedding of Jenna Wallis and Stephen Tobin’ (2015).

You read it right…this Northern couple had a pie wedding – bloody brilliant! You might be forgiven for asking ‘how has he got away with that one?’ It’s every northern blokes’ dream right? Well actually this was Jenna’s dream wedding! The addition of Hollands Pies to the happiest day of her life captured the essence of where Jenna grew up with the beautiful smell emanating through the town of Baxenden.

Pies were so important to this couples’ day that they arranged for part of their honeymoon to include a tour of the Hollands Pie Factory!

I think this is a fantastic example of how love and food go hand-in-hand. Food is very emotive and it is usually a shared sensory experience which makes it synonymous with relationships. So whether you believe in St Valentine or not: turn of the TV, put some John Legend on Spotify, turn the lights down low and share a great Food Adventure with the one you love.

Details: http://www.accringtonobserver.co.uk/news/happy-couple-say-pie-do-9967500


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I am a Food Adventurer and proud Northerner with a real passion for high quality food. I have worked in the food industry all my life and I am currently working as a Food Buyer for Retail. Old favourites are great, but I really enjoy discovering new things; be it traditional food tasting as it was intended, new flavour fusions or something quirky these are the kind of things that really grab my attention.

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