Eating Well This January: Eating In

OK, so I’m going to assume that a lot of you are like me in that you may have overindulged a little over the Christmas break; am I right? Well if you’ve done that then you probably also spent most of the Twixmas period trying to eat all the bad things left in the house before January arrives; still on track? Now it’s time to admit that you’ve started making strange noises when you raise yourself out of a chair and to do something about it.

I’m not into that ‘New Year, New Me’ bullshit but I do believe that making lifestyle changes can provide a good platform to being a bit happier and a bit healthier. So, I’m on a quest to find ways to eat well but improve my health at the same time.

Mrs Munkee and I have opted to give the paleo diet a try. Now, I’m not usually a fad-follower but I want to get my mission into print then I will feel more obliged to stick to it and will be publically shamed if I fail! I do want to be clear though: this does NOT mean that I will be neglecting my duties as a Food Adventurer. Instead, what I want to do is find ways to eat great food that fit within the parameters of a healthy lifestyle and food routine.

Please don’t be alarmed though. January’s blog series won’t be preachy and I won’t be turning into a spandex-clad-Mr Motivator-look-a-like. It’s just another leg to my Food Adventure.

Buko Coconut Jam

Rating: 7.5/10

Appeals to: lifestyle managers, competent culinologists and DIY foodies


The spreads market is very crowded but it doesn’t take much to interrupt the fixture and the shopper. Buko’s simple technique of using a different shape jar and more vibrant colours will achieve that disruption. The packaging also emanates healthy cues and communicates what it is and what it should be bought very quickly and simply.


£4.50 – £5.00 – I’ve said this in previous blogs but price points are a tool that manufacturers can use to set customer expectations. What would you think of a product that claimed to be healthy and luxurious but was selling for 32p…erm, what’s the catch, right? Buko’s price point isn’t cheap but it is appropriate for the market.


This is my second round of reviewing Buko’s Coconut Jams so I have a bit of an advantage here.

Instead of just tucking in with a spoon I used these widely diverse jams in a number of different ways: to accompany meat, to flavour smoothies, to work through porridge, to bake with and even to enhance sauces.

Verdict – in a word, versatile! These coconut jams should be a staple for any healthy warriors cupboard as a brilliant defence against the bland. Keep it coming Buko!


Northern Munkee.


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I am a Food Adventurer and proud Northerner with a real passion for high quality food. I have worked in the food industry all my life and I am currently working as a Food Buyer for Retail. Old favourites are great, but I really enjoy discovering new things; be it traditional food tasting as it was intended, new flavour fusions or something quirky these are the kind of things that really grab my attention.

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