Feeding Your Gut!

Thinking about bacteria used to make me think yuk. I got images of worms and bugs from playing outside or dirt on bathrooms for some reason. So when the term gut bacteria came on my radar it wasn’t one that I instantly warmed to.

However after digestive issues I realised the problem wasn’t with the bacteria but my association with the term to think it’s all bad. On further research I realised that the human body is made up of millions and millions of bacteria and actually the microbiome in our gut was an important part of our whole approach to health. Ailments of the body, including poor digestion, constipation/diarrhoea, joint pains can all be linked to the health and type of bacteria in your gut. Studies also suggest all sorts of ‘dis-ease’ with the body including eczema, psoriasis, diabetes can also be traced back to the bacteria in your gut. When these bacteria are out of line and the ‘bad’ ones overpower the ‘good’, that’s when we can start facing problems with our health.

For me this was a a-ha moment. So to help improve my bacteria, feeding the good bacteria was important. And just as I started to find out more, the mainstream food industry suddenly seemed to catch on and now feeding your gut bacteria was the latest trend. Wary of fads I spoke to professionals including nutrionists/dieticians to make sure I wasn’t just following a gimmick. A lot of it was based on a healthy balanced diet incorporating a mix of vegetables and fruits. However there were some particular foods that could help this microbiome community including sauerkraut, kimchi, miso and kefir. These are all types of fermented foods that when consumed help replenish good bacteria in your gut.

So I did what any sane person would do, I started experimenting and trying different fermented foods to help boost my bacteria. I tried products that didn’t particularly look appealing but actually weren’t so bad when incorporated with other foods. I also tried other items that I’d never look at again! Some of the good stuff I’ve now incorporated as part of my diet and one of them is kefir. Kefir is akin to a drinking-style yogurt which contains beneficial yeast as well as friendly ‘probiotic’ bacteria found in yogurt. The naturally occurring bacteria and yeast in kefir combine to give health benefits when consumed regularly.

And therein lay the extra complexity. I am dairy-free and kefir is more beneficial when consumed with dairy via milk or yoghurt.  So my searching continued until I finally found a dairy-free alternative…..

I just want to add here please get professional advice before you start embarking on new eating plans etc. EveryBODY is different and what works for some won’t for others.

northernmunkeebites.kefirRhythm Pure Coconut Kefir Shot (126g)

Rating: 8 out of 10

Appeals to: Dairy free consumers, free-from lovers, healthy-conscious eaters


I first saw this product at a free-from exhibition and what I instantly liked about it was the very clean, white branding. It was also in a small plastic bottle which reminded me of the milk bottles I used to drink when I was in nursery.  I was attracted by the turquoise coloured font (little things!) and the fact that you could see the product through the clear plastic bottle. The information on the sleeve is short, sharp and to the point. It’s perhaps not the most imaginative of packages but in a way that seems to work as it feels that it is not fussy and not trying too hard.  Clean, pure and simple is how I would describe it.


£1.69 (company website). For a small bottle I did find this fairly expensive.  Appreciate it is a health drink and quite accustomed to the prices of health products being considerably higher.  However this product seems to target those that want to be healthy and are willing to pay the price.  What I did find out is that it does say you can consume the drink across two days, so to me that felt reasonable and that I was spreading the cost.


Kefir has a sharp tangy taste to it, almost fizzy like and on the first few times of consumption it does take a little getting used to. However it is quite refreshing and surprisingly filling.  I loved the fact this was dairy free and so I could consume very easily.  Whilst I go for the plain coconut flavour, there are other flavours such as Mango & Passionfruit which adds a summer flavour but I’m happy to stick with the plain one, sometimes adding my own herbs to it.  The great thing with this is that there is no set time that you have to drink it, you can have it with food, without food, first thing, last thing so there’s no restrictions which helps to just have a quick gulp and get on with the rest of the day knowing you’re doing your best to help your body.

Verdict – in a word, simple. This is an easily accessible drink that has been produced to help you feed your good bacteria. It’s fuss-free, dairy free and hassle-free.  If you’re looking to introduce fermented foods into your diet this is one I would recommend, split it over two days and the price becomes more palatable too!

Details: https://www.rhythmhealth.co.uk/

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments, would love to hear how you get on with this product.

Guest Blogger: Mrs M.

About Me

As a person with a recently diagnosed sensitive digestive system, I’m now on a path to make sure I eat well whilst still enjoying myself. Having been fearful of food, I now love finding new products, going to new restaurants to try new twists on dishes and am constantly looking for quirky items to consume.  I’m a huge supporter of simple food that is made tasty with the right combination of ingredients and more importantly enjoying your food and diet in a balanced way.  That means I always have room for my favourite item – chocolate!



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I am a Food Adventurer and proud Northerner with a real passion for high quality food. I have worked in the food industry all my life and I am currently working as a Food Buyer for Retail. Old favourites are great, but I really enjoy discovering new things; be it traditional food tasting as it was intended, new flavour fusions or something quirky these are the kind of things that really grab my attention.

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