Great Dutch Bake Off!

Product Review: Van Dotsch Spices

Whether you’re a fan of the Great British Bake Off or not you can’t deny the impact that it has on us Brits.

As a consequence the Homebaking category has never been so prevalent and there are now three seasonal spikes in the calendar: Easter, Christmas and GBBO. Gone are the days where your local corner shop would only stock a Jiff lemon, some cane sugar and self raising flour. You can now get the ingredients for a scratch bake Red Velvet cake from a store no bigger than 2000sqft.

Now, I must confess I’m not much of a baker but when the opportunity came up to try Dutch Speculaas baking, I couldn’t turn it down. This traditional Dutch spice is synonymous with St Nicholas’ Feast (Sinterklaas) so I hope I did them justice!!

Van Dotsch Spices

Rating: 7/10


The packaging certainly stands out on shelf as a premium offering amongst the sea of familiar jars. I would say that the branding needs to be developed further as Steven Dotsch has a great story behind the food but it isn’t communicated on pack.


£4.39– Don’t panic, this price does include P&P to mainland UK. It’s not your run of the mill spice so you would expect to pay a little over the market price to get it.


 My initial reaction as a tucked into my first ever biscuit bake was that this spice mix just encapsulates the spirit of Christmas. The spice mix made the biscuits very light, floral and fragrant with the cinnamon coming through intensely and lingering.

The flavour journey that this spice mix takes you on is incredible. It has complex yet subtle twists and turns that add so much depth to what is quite a simple baked product.

If I was a more proficient baker this would have been perfect if it was adorned with a light coating of marzipan and icing.

Verdict – in a word, Sinterklaas! I think this experience might just make me join the British Baking Masses and dust my work tops for more baking fun. I definitely need to invest in more little gems like Speculaas though!


So all that’s left for me to say is that it’s been a brilliant GBBO season this year and ask what was your favourite moment or recipe? Come on, sharing is caring so leave me a comment.

Northern Munkee.