Sock Club Review: Treat your Feet!

In this digital, omniscient, incessant age of retail you can get almost anything delivered straight through your letterbox these days. You can order anything from a cheese toastie to a fully iced and decorated cake and it’ll slide through your letterbox just as easily as some dubious character could slide into your DMs on the social. It’s a sign of our evolving shopper behaviour and it’s being fuelled by rapidly advancing technology. One-hour deliveries are not fantastical but now seen as a consumer rite. What a time to be alive eh?

So, what’s so great about subscription boxes and why are they so attractive to the modern entrepreneur?

Let’s be clear: mail order and subscriptions are not new things. However, it’s clear that we’re experiencing a bit of a golden age; but why is that? Well subscription boxes have enjoyed surfing the wave of the ‘hypertechnology’ and exploded into our homes tapping into our increasingly busy diaries and the need for convenience over cost. We need subscription boxes because we forget to buy shaving cream, or we need someone to curate our fine food collections. It’s not viewed as luxurious but savvy.  The other key macro trend that subscription boxes feed off is our penchant for the personalised shopping experience. When we’re signed up to a subscription that we believe in we feel empowered, looked after and like we have our finger on the pulse. Subscription boxes are able to react quickly to trends and deliver with gousto (pun not intended…well maybe a little) which is a dream for any early adopter.

As for the entrepreneurial populous, they seem to have fallen head over heels for subscription boxes for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, it’s the attraction of disintermediation. We want a personal relationship with brands and the brands have been desperate for us to accept their friend request for years! Secondly, it’s quite easy to get started. You only really need an idea, some boxes, minimal stock and a website and you’re away. Finally, and most importantly, subscription boxes give a platform for the most coveted of marketing territories: loyalty. Brands crave shopper loyalty like a dog in the park craves its shiny red ball. We’ve been pretending to throw it for years and watching brands chase off into the distance only releasing it for an exclusive, salivating minority. Subscription boxes are the equivalent those fancy plastic throwing arms – catapulting our loyalty across the sunny park for brands to eagerly chase and retrieve.

Trends wax and wane in subscription boxes, as with all industries, but one that has caught my attention as being resistant to change is the male fashion trend; in particular: socks! So, when the opportunity presented itself to review a sock subscription box I jumped at it! Thanks to Sock Club Co for thinking of me…

Review: Sock Club UK

Rating: 9/10

Appeals to: trend hunters, business bods, those-needing-a-bit-of-colour-without-a-clue (me!)

Price: £9 per pair or £49 annual subscription


Fantastic! I’ve been trying to find a simile that does these socks justice without sounding over the top and, dare I say it for a blogger, disingenuous; so here goes: putting on these socks feels like you’re dipping your legs up to the shin in a soothing warm jacuzzi. The design on the two pairs that I received were spot on and, if I’m honest, not something I’d pick for myself which is exactly what I’d be looking for in a curated box. In my opinion a good pair of socks shouldn’t steal the show but just add flashes of brilliance – these socks definitely deliver against that.

Verdict – in a word, socksessful! Sorry, but I do love a pun! Most sock subscription boxes are pretty outlandish on price whereas Sock Club comes in at the right level yet still delivering the quality you’d expect. I can’t wait for my next parcel to drop through the letterbox.

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Northern Munkee.