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Focus on SIAL: Coldpress Drinks

Over the next week I will be focussing my attentions on Paris and SIAL: the world’s largest food innovation exhibition.

Innovation is the lifeblood of food retail as it drives new shoppers, new interests, new sales and new opportunities. There has been a plethora of game changing innovations over the last few years that have redefined food retailing in one way or another: bottled water, the shelf check-out, home delivery, micro-meals, vaping…the list is endless.

So, in the spirit of SIAL, I’m going to give my view of the world of retail and food innovation before I adjust my focus to an exhibitor at the conference in Paris.


This has been a hot topic in the food industry for a long time and probably always will be. Sustainability can mean different things to different people but in its simplest form it’s a means to ensuring that we have longevity in supply of food. That can be achieved through fair wages and working conditions, exploring renewable energies or protecting the environment that produces the food. I wrote on this subject in a previous blog and in particular about how manufacturers are turning away from organisations, like the Fairtrade Foundation, in search of a more effective way of creating a sustainable supply chain.

In commercial terms, sustainability is still important to shoppers which can be evidenced from campaigns like The Grocer’s Waste Not Want Not. Suppliers should be mindful of their sustainability stance and can use it for commercial gain such as the multiple retailers’ adoption of ‘wonky veg’ to win hearts and minds.

Food Waste

I touched on this point briefly above but, as odd as this may sound, the management of food waste is becoming more and more trendy. This is partly driven by social awareness and hardship programs like Fair Share and also a socio-economic drive to stop throwing money down the drain through negligence and ignorance.

This trend has seen brands such as Toast Ale, beer made from surplus bread, to emerge. Now, I’m not claiming this is a new trend, far from it; the practice has existed for hundreds of years since fruit manufacturers wanted to preserve their wares in sugar to make jam or potato farmers wanted an outlet for surplus potatoes in a snacking format. What I am saying is that this concept and story is now becoming a commercial opportunity.

Dot Com

Online food shopping is something that has been growing steadily year after year in the UK but there has to be a significant leap forward in the near future that will be a game changer. If I was a betting man I’d say that is more than likely going to come from Jeff Bezos et al over at Amazon where drones are already lining up laden with groceries. Amazon will steal a march on the grocery sector, it’s just a matter of time.

For now, companies like Deliveroo will continue to innovate and do things differently and better than before but surely no one can beat the Amazonian beast to the online food retailing crown?

Flavour Trends

Flavour trends are really difficult to predict and if I could tell you the difference between a flash in the pan and a sticky trend I’d be a very rich man!

Flavour and food trends tend to be driven by social elements like which holiday destinations are popular at the time and therefore it changes frequently, almost on a yearly basis. One trend that is definitely here to stay in the UK is provenance. We are still obsessed by where our food comes from to keep a check on traceability and quality.

Health is still prominent on the trend agenda in the UK and the movement over the last 18 months has seen protein come into the limelight. Is this trend a sticky one? I think not but only time will tell.

Now that my soap box is well worn, I’ll introduce my SIAL 2016 exhibitor focus for today…


Who are they?

Coldpress is the product of Andrew and Bradley’s desire to bring the food industry into the 21st Century by improving production methods to produce a tastier, healthier and more sustainable foods. The business’ ethos is literally about taking the heat out of the production process

Why are they innovative?

This is easy. Two things: process and packaging. I’m a big believer in brands finding ways to ‘pop’ off the shelf and I think the iconic hexagonal bottles achieve that. The process is Coldpress’ raison d’etre and gives the product life. The packaging allows the drink to speak for itself and is the main selling space.

Why should you love them?

Again, this is easy. The taste. The product delivery is just fantastic. Whether you buy into their mission to revolutionise the drinks manufacturing process you’ll definitely buy into their flavours – in fact I’m drinking one right now as I write this if you must know! So, do yourself a favour: put down the concentrate and pick up the Coldpress.


SIAL Location: JK 042 National Pavilions and Regions of the World

So all that leaves me to ask is what are your food or retail trends for 2017 that you want to highlight? Come on people, sharing is caring.

Northern Munkee.


Change the World: one bite at a time…

Product Review: Geo Bars

This is another post inspired by Fairtrade Fortnight and courtesy of Traidcraft’s re-launch of their popular Geo Bars. These vibrant bars are filled with Fairtrade goodies and signal a world’s first using the only rice exported from Myanmar  to carry the Fairtrade mark.

The cereal bar sub-category is one that I find particularly interesting as it is emphatic of how our habits, particularly around breakfast, have changed so dramatically in the last 30 years. As a nation we have moved from a more structured sit-down breakfast to a nation that breakfasts in the car, at the desk, on the train or not at all. Therefore our breakfast formats have to rise to meet these new needs and opportunities. Cereal bars were the first leap out of the bowl for breakfast with Kellogg Nutri-Grain stepping up to the plate in the mid-90s. Since then supermarket shelves have been swamped with cereal on-the-go, breakfast biscuits, liquid breakfasts and breakfast shots. So what does this tell us? Well firstly, that we think we have less time than society did 30 years ago. Secondly, it also puts into question something that we’ve taken as fact: breakfast is the most important meal of the day…well is it? Tell that to Belvita!

Nutritionally there’s no doubt that breakfast is important. So we need to ensure that, if we’re going to use an on-the-hoof substitute, it’s fit for purpose nutritionally and, more importantly, tastes great. We’re still in the realm of snacking here so TASTE IS KING!

Rating: 8.5/10

Appeals to: breakfast snackers and snackers looking for something that will deliver nutritionally throughout the day


I really like the way these multipacks are put together. The colours and images portray the right mix of nature, ethical sourcing and mouth-watering food. However, for me, the most impressive thing about the packaging is the messaging, it speaks right to the soul and conscious of the core Fairtrade shopper. ‘Change the world: one bite at a time’ is a great tagline and it’s followed up by some really powerful messages on the back of pack. I admire how this has been put across because it’s not an appeal fuelled by pathos, instead it’s encouraging a call to action to protect great quality food which will appeal universally and not just to those who are already ethically conscious.


£2.20 – for a multipack with 5 bars you can’t go wrong at that price. That’s just 44p per breakfast and it’s definitely comparable to the other products on the shelf that aren’t paying a fair price to the supply chain.



As you take the first bite you get a satisfying, prolonged crunch as you tear through the medley of ingredients. The intense dark chocolate is the first flavour that greets your tongue. This is then followed by the juxtaposition of the sweet soft fruits and a scattering of nuts. You’re left with a beautiful fusion of sweet currants and deep, dark chocolate.

Mixed Berries

The first thing that hits you with this bar is the beautiful, fresh berry aroma that leads into the bite. It’s sweet, light and avoids being stodgy like other cereal bars. Once again the texture combinations work really well in the mouth with the soft fruits dominating but occasionally interrupted by crunchy nuts. This bar is brilliant – I don’t know if I’d be able to just eat one though!

Wild Apricot

This bar has a density to that really supports the citrus notes and it feels as though your chewing a juicy piece of fresh apricot. The cereals hold a wholegrain texture that holds up the soft, fruity flavours.

Verdict – in a word, excellent. Here is a product that is not only delicious and nutritionally sound but is Fairtrade. As a food it’s brilliant. As an ethical message it’s brilliant. So I’d urge you to disappoint W.K. Kellogg and delight people around the world by buying Geo!


Northern Munkee.