Eating Well This January: Eating In

OK, so I’m going to assume that a lot of you are like me in that you may have over indulged a little over the Christmas break; am I right? Well if you’ve done that then you probably also spent most of the Twixmas period trying to eat all the bad things left in the house before January arrives; still on track? Now it’s time to admit that you’ve started making strange noises when you raise yourself out of a chair and to do something about it.

I’m not into that ‘New Year, New Me’ bullshit but I do believe that making lifestyle changes can provide a good platform to being a bit happier and a bit healthier. So, I’m on a quest to find ways to eat well but improve my health at the same time.

Mrs Munkee and I have opted to give the paleo diet a try. Now, I’m not usually a fad-follower but I want to get my mission into print then I will feel more obliged to stick to it and will be publically shamed if I fail! I do want to be clear though: this does NOT mean that I will be neglecting my duties as a Food Adventurer. Instead, what I want to do is find ways to eat great food that fit within the parameters of a healthy lifestyle and food routine.

Please don’t be alarmed though. January’s blog series won’t be preachy and I won’t be turning into a spandex-clad-Mr Motivator-look-a-like. It’s just another leg to my Food Adventure.

Rating: 8/10

Appeals to: healthy, on-the-hoof snackers and early adopters


There is nothing else like this in the mainstream marketplace so Bounce needs to stand out and it certainly achieves that. The packaging is vibrant, bright and simple and will definitely appeal to its target market. The one miss, in my view, is in portraying what the food actually is. If I’m honest I didn’t know what I was opening apart from I knew it was a healthy, protein ball. If you’re already bought into the concept of Bounce snacks then you will go looking for it and be able to find it but I’d question whether a teetering shopper would be swayed to trial without knowing what’s inside.


£1.42 – this price point goes further to establishing what the product actually is and where it should sit in store. This would look out of place next to a 40g packet of crisps but sit comfortably in the healthy snacking arena in between nut mixes and baked oat bars.


Surprisingly brilliant. I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened my first Bounce ball. I was presented with what I can only describe as a multi-textured, dense pebble. So I was still sceptical.

However, once I’d worked my way through my first bite I could instantly understand the popularity of this brand. The producers have managed to create a symphony of delicate flavours in a very small package; but the best thing about it was: I was full. This is the perfect pre-workout/post-workout/3pm slump at your desk/hungover-need-food snack!

Verdict – in a word, serendipitous! If you’re not familiar with the concept of Energy Balls, as I wasn’t, then it does require a leap of faith but I would urge you to take that dive. There is a huge need for great tasting functional snacks to cater for the lifestyle managing masses and suppliers are following over themselves to meet it; I think Bounce have certainly found their path!


 Northern Munkee.